Express Your Unique Style

The world of fashion seems to change with dizzying speed. One season, hem lines are up, shoulders exaggerated, the next, it's ankle-grazing skirts and natural silhouettes. Fortunately, well-selected colored gemstone jewelry can look as fashionable and beautiful years from now as it did when it was first purchased. This timeless quality allows you to use gemstone jewelry as a personal statement to enhance your wardrobe season after season. Whatever the current fashion, your colored gemstone jewelry is your unique signature.

You can select the perfect colored gemstone jewelry to make a fashion statement which is uniquely yours. Here is how you can select the colors and related gemstones to enhance your personal style.

Today's soft, rich colors can provide the perfect background for colored gemstone jewelry. Turn it up with a pair of hot pink Tourmaline earrings or a vibrant Tanzanite pendant, and your clothes will dance before you even hit the floor. Cool it down with a bold, cultured Pearl ring and you will radiate with romance. Be a whimsical free spirit with a necklace or pin that mixes two or three colored gemstones with contrasting hues, and you will be ready for whatever life has to offer.

Taking an opposite direction are shapes borrowed from men's wear but with a softer silhouette. Master tailors such as Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent are showing suits with wide, soft pants or long, full skirts. Jackets fit slightly looser but have softly sculpted shoulders and nipped waists that define the female silhouette. Accent the lapels with bold pins or brooches set with colored gemstones in cabochon and fancy shapes. These will provide focal points to your clothing backdrop.
The strong lines of suits can take bolder jewelry. Bangle bracelets and stackable rings, each set with a different colored gemstone, can bring your personal flair to the ensemble.

Designers favor the long and lean look, with long, clingy skirts and knitted column dresses for both day and evening: jackets lengthened to past the hipline and straight-cut coats for the illusion of height.

As fashion goes long, jewelry can go short. The best jewelry for this look is a choker necklace with either groupings of colored gemstones or a dramatic center motif made of several colored gemstones. For those bare evening looks, choose long, dangling earrings with gemstone drops, an armful of colorful bracelets or one large, conversation-stopping cocktail ring.

In today's world, for every tailored look, there must be an equal number of relaxed styles. Designers are calling these "comfort clothes," and they include a range of soft knits, loose-fitting pants and oversized sweaters.

For this more casual mode, go for small colored gemstone earrings or tiny hoops set with one or two gemstones. Give that plain gold chain a stylish accent with a colorful gemstone pendant in a fancy shape such as a marquise or a triangle.

Day or night, designers continue to alter our notions about what is proper to wear during different times of the day, showing cashmere sweaters and plaids in the evening, sequins and beads in the day. Related trends include the use of luxurious trims such as velvets, real and faux fur and the return of metallics - for all times of day and night.

Pick up the playful mood with your jewelry, and use the boldness of colored gemstones whenever you choose. With cool metallics, go for cool colored gemstones: blue Sapphire, green Tourmaline and Aquamarine. For warmer colors, pull out all the stops with Ruby, Fire Opal and Red Garnet. Enhance pastel colored cashmeres with Peridot, Emerald and Amethyst.

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